Martina L

Martina L, 23 år

Søger i 2000 Frederiksberg, 1050 København K, mfl.

student looking for a private room in Copenhagen

Hi :))
I’m Martina (23), a student continuing further with her master studies.
I'm originally from Slovakia, but I have been studying and living in Denmark for 4 years.
I'm a social and outgoing person, always up for a good chat and cozy cooking sessions.
I enjoy spending time outdoors, walks or hikes, or simple picnics and gatherings outside are always on my agenda.
I value living in a neat and pleasing environment as well as creating an enjoyable atmosphere where everyone feels included.

feel free to leave me a message, looking forward to hearing from you!

Budget 5.500 kr/md
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Indflytningsklar 15.08.2023
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