Alexandra U

Alexandra U, 23 år

Søger i 2000 Frederiksberg, 2720 Vanløse, mfl.

looking for a room in a shared home

My name is Alexandra, I’m 23 years old, originally from Slovakia, but I’ve been living in a shared home in Denmark for four years now. In September I will be continuing further with my master studies at AAU in Copenhagen.

I would love to create cozy little customs with my new housemates, maybe board game evenings or just having a chat over coffee in the mornings, but of course I also respect ‘closed doors’.

I will be happy to answer any of your questions and look forward to hearing from you!:)

Budget 5.500 kr/md
Lejeperiode Over 12 måneder
Indflytningsklar 15.08.2023
  • Køn Kvinde
  • Børn Nej
  • Alder 23 år
  • Renlighed Renlig
  • Ryger Nej
  • Husdyr Nej
  • Snorker Nej
  • Festvaner En gang i mellem